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Evaluating a Print Quality Diagnostics Page | HP Officejet Pro 8500A All-in-One Printer | HP

Learn how to print and evaluate a Print Quality Diagnostic Page on the Officejet 8500.

For other helpful videos go to hp.com/supportvideos or youtube.com/hpprintersupport. More support options for your scanner are available at hp.com/support.

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Evaluating a Print Quality Diagnostics Page | HP Officejet Pro 8500A All-in-One Printer | HP
thej762000 : If anyone out there still has this printer and is having a problem with Alignment Failure try this:
* Tap the back arrow about 4-6 times after it disappears. This will get you to the service menu.
* Click the arrow over to the "Print Tests Menu" and click OK.
* Click the arrow over to "Bypass Pen Alignment" and click OK.
This should bypass any alignment warnings and allow you to print normally, provided both ink and printheads are still good.
GamerxC 2001 : How do I fix my printer when it I print it come out as pink instead of blue
blahblah162005 : my printer prints all black text in purple. I've replaced all ink and still it's purple :(
- Skylark : I can't even count all the printers I've had over the last 25-30 years (of course then it was dot matrix w/tractor feed). Honestly, I wouldn't say I loved ANY of them; they have uniformly been the weakest link in any computer system I've used. Still I must agree with the earlier posters; this HP 8500A is AWFUL!!! Never, never, ever again...
DeLores C Thomas : Well I must agree with the last comment...this is the worst & most troublesome printer I've ever owned. To make matters worse I've maintained the extended warranty in order to get help. Sadly I forgot to do so this last time, now I don't have a warranty nor can I call hp for help. It says black is low, I replace it with 940XL (black). Thinking I can now print, I can't it's yellow, so I just replace all colors even tho they didn't need it. Guess what? Nothing prints at all!!!!! I'm now stuck with over $100 of ink that only fits this worthless printer that doesn't work. I will NEVER EVER purchase an hp printer again...NOT EVER! It's given me grief since day one of my purchase. By the way the test page does show all colors except the black & this video does not show what to do if black doesn't show up at all! EPSON....as soon as I get the money here I come!!!!
mrorvos : Sorry to say but probably the worst printer I have ever bought no doubt. Bought 4 brand new ink cartilages, installed them, and the printer kept on attempting to align the heads, ending in failure everytime....within 2 hours I started getting low ink warning !!!! needless to say, I was so angry I had to smash it to pieces, piece of lemon.
G. A : GOOD VIDEO !!!!!!!!

HP 오피스젯프로 8500A 인쇄 속도 동영상 무한잉크 복합기 임대

HP 오피스젯프로 8500A 인쇄 속도 동영상입니다. 구매나 임대를 고려하시는 분들 참조하세요
흑백:최대 35ppm,
컬러:최대 34ppm 인쇄해상도 흑백:최대 1200x1200dpi,
컬러:최대 4800 x 1200 최적화 dpi
경험상의 속도로는 잉크젯은 레이저의 1/2 수준이므로 레이저로 환산한 속도는 흑백 최대 17.5ppm, 컬러 최대 17ppm 으로 환산해서 비교하시면 좋을 듯 합니다. 칼라가 분당 17매. 훌륭합니다.

무한잉크 복합기, 무한잉크 프린터, 칼라(컬러) 디지털 복사기 임대 및 판매 전문, Self 검색엔진최적화 추구

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김은아 : 좋은제품인데...단종이라니ㅠㅠ

hp offiejet 8500 clutch gear repair 오피스젯 8000,8500 클러치기어 교체 1편 [프린터스쿨]

HP officejet 8000,8500 클러치 기어 교체 방법

클러치 기어는 HPlaseret.co.kr 에서 구매 할 수 있습니다.
Dan Reynolds : Wouldn't it be funny if halfway thru the guy goes berserk and destroys it with a sledgehammer while screaming in his language?
James Welch : or a real person do the translating . i have tried googles auto-translate and it sucks.




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